Stat 513 Fall 2008 Midterm I

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Stat 513 Fall 2008 Midterm I _____________________ name 1) The three components of Quality Costs are: _____________ ,_______________, and________________. 2) If you detect the presence of an out of control point that probably means that the process is 3) No quality initiative can succeed without the support of 4) If a control chart indicates the process is in control that means 5) You would use an XmR chart if the subgroups were 6) I have been collecting data with subgroups of size n=5. What difference(s) would
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Unformatted text preview: exist between X-bar and R charts and UNPLx charts? 7) If the data is skewed to the right, which is larger the mean or the median? 8) Modern methods of training should be instituted for ______________ . 9) After using a Pareto diagram to decide which defect to work on, to find the cause one should then use 10) Deming said that the improvement of processes should be ______________ ....
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