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Stat 513 Midterm II Fall 2007

Stat 513 Midterm II Fall 2007 - X-double bar on target the...

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Stat 513 Midterm II Fall 2007 _______________________ name 1. When is Cpk greater than Cp? 2. Instead of using capability to estimate fraction nonconforming, what does he suggest? 3. Why is short term capability greater than long term capability? 4. When computing hypothetical capability, in recomputing the Range you 5. Any continual improvement program requires the continual support of ______________. 6. In lecture, I pointed out that Taguchi said that any deviation from target is 7. From the text, with regard to whether or not you can keep
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Unformatted text preview: X-double bar on target the author states a. yes b. no 8. In order to reduce overall quality costs you invest in ________________. 9. In rational subgrouping, each subgroupwill usually be selected from some small region of ________, or_________, or ___________. 10. If spec limits are within control limits name two (ONLY TWO) possible bad consequences if the operator is told to keep the process within specs....
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