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BME 201 Syllabus

BME 201 Syllabus - BME 201 Fall 2010 Information Lecture...

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BME 201: Fall 2010 Information Lecture Days, Time and Location: Tuesday & Thursday, 9.00-10.15am, BMED 1001 Course Instructor, Office, Email Address Dr. Gudrun Schmidt, BMED 2033, [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10.15-11.15am No appointment is necessary during these hours. You are also welcome to make an appointment via email. Course TA and TA office hours to be announced via BlackBoard. Note: Important information and materials will be posted on “BlackBoard Vista” ( http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/blackboard/ ) or/and distributed via email.
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BME 201 Biomolecules: Structure, Function and Engineering Applications - 3 credits Prerequisites : CHM 116, CS 156, ENG 106, MA 165 Co-requisites : BIOL 295E, BME205 (LAB) This course reviews the classes of molecules (biomolecules) such as saccharides, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids that form the cellular components of living matter. The aim of the course is to explore the chemistry behind the structure and function of these biological molecules. Hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions along with other weak interactions will be discussed with reference to their importance in biomolecular systems in an engineering context. As a student you will learn about the structure, properties and function of fundamental building blocks of biological systems and their close relation to biomedical engineering, specifically engineering design. An understanding of fundamental concepts is essential when engineering, controlling and manipulating biomedical platforms.
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BME 201 Syllabus - BME 201 Fall 2010 Information Lecture...

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