Lecture 1 - Hydrocarbons

Lecture 1 - Hydrocarbons - BME 201 Fall 2010 Introduction...

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BME 201 August 26, 2010 Fall 2010 Introduction to saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons Overview of functional groups Todays lecture is based on Vollhardt/Shore (6 th Edition ), chapters 1 and 2. You will find it easier to do the suggested problems (page 91, problems 35-40 ) and pass quizzes and exams if you go over the reading prior to attempting to solve the problems. The course TA can help you with solving suggested problems and class materials but first you should try on your own. Suggested problems review material: Vollhardt/Shore, Chapter 1, page 20-23 (page 44ff , problems 25-31 ) The problems from chapter 1 are review material from general chemistry and/or high school. If you find them hard to solve please review the appropriate materials. If you need to use computers for BME201 and do not have a personal computer please plan to use the departmental computers located in the BMED computer lab across from the lecture hall. Please check “BlackBoard Vista” and your e-mail frequently. 1
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To establish the identity of a molecule, we determine its structure. The empirical formula of a substance specifies the kinds and ratios of elements present in the substance. The empirical formula can be derived from an elemental analysis of the substance. More than one substance can have the same empirical formula. Each of these substances will have its own set of unique physical and chemical properties . Substances having the same empirical formula but different
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Lecture 1 - Hydrocarbons - BME 201 Fall 2010 Introduction...

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