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AA debate paper - Wharton 1 Affirmative Action in Higher...

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Wharton 1 Affirmative Action in Higher Education = Wrong Affirmative Action is defined as a system “‘designed to right the wrongs of the past’ as a quota system, or as a set of remedial programs aimed to compensate for the inadequacies of people of color” (Crosby 4). Instead of trying to “right the wrongs of the past”, we should be working to prevent future wrongs from ever occurring. Affirmative Action is not an effective system for use in higher education because it is impossible to determine who should benefit, Affirmative Action is discriminatory, and race should simply not be a factor in admissions. Philosophically, Affirmative Action is well-intentioned, but realistically, it is impossible to accurately determine who qualifies and who does not. The record-keeping during the first decades in the United States was so sub-par that it is nearly impossible to decipher between the blacks with ancestors who were enslaved and those with ancestors who were not. It is unjustified to give preferential treatment to members of a group who were unaffected by the “discrimination against members of that group in the past” (Clegg – Levine 128-129). Furthermore, those who are benefiting from Affirmative Action in higher education today, are mostly 18-year-olds, and “the laws prohibiting discrimination against them on the basis of race or ethnicity have been in effect since long before they were born” (Clegg – Levine 129). Skin color is the only trait linking today’s students to
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AA debate paper - Wharton 1 Affirmative Action in Higher...

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