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Formula Sheet for Exam III ENGR 19500 – Spring 2010 Statistics Equations Linear Regression Linear y = m x + b Exponential y = b e m x y = b 10 m x Logarithmic x = b e m y x = b 10 m y Power y = b x m x = b y m MATLAB Functions / Operators + - * / ^ = .* ./ .^ % == < > <= >= ' (transpose) : ; [ ] ( null vector ) ( ) ... ( ellipsis ) abs acos asin atan ans clc clear cos csc doc else elseif end error eval exit exp figure fminbnd for format fplot fprintf function fzero grid help hist hold i, j if Inf legend length linspace load log log10 loglog logspace lookfor max mean median min NaN ones pi plot polyfit polyval prod quit randn round
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Unformatted text preview: sec semilogx semilogy sin size sort sqrt std subplot sum tan title while who whos xlabel xor ylabel zeros GUI: handles ( variable ) get guidata guide set Selection of MATLAB plot Special Characters Line Type Indicator Point Type Indicator Color Indicator solid-circle o blue b dotted : x-mark x green g dash-dot-. plus + red r dashed--square s black k Excel Functions + - * / ^ = $ ABS AND AVERAGE COS EXP IF LN LOG10 MAX MEDIAN MIN MODE OR PI SIN SQRT STDEV SUM TAN 1...
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