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Learning Objectives for Exam 3 ENGR 19500 – Spring 2010 Please also review Learning Objectives from Exam 1 and 2. Exam 3 will be comprehensive ; you are responsible for all material covered earlier. Week # Learning Objectives 11 Identify function types from graphs of data: linear, power, exponential, or logarithmic Linearize and plot data appropriately Plot data manually on linear and log scaled graphs Linearize a power, exponential, and logarithmic equation Use linear or log axis graphs as a diagnostic tool for identifying a function Starting with data, diagnose what function might represent it, confirm that diagnosis using a combination of linear and log axis scales, and find the equation describing that function Use Excel and MATLAB to perform functional “discovery”
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Unformatted text preview: 12 Construct a GUI layout Describe the purpose of guide and Property Inspector Explain the purpose of the following GUI related MATLAB functions and variables Functions: get, set, guidata Variable: handles Write code to enable each component of the GUI layout to function appropriately 13 Define a mathematical function as a text string in MATLAB Describe the process of plotting a mathematical function using fplot Describe the inputs and outputs and MATLAB syntax used in numerical analysis: fminbnd, eval, and fzero Find local minima and maxima of a mathematical function using fminbnd and eval Find local zeros of a mathematical function using fzero Find an independent value (x) given a dependent value (y) for a mathematical function by shifting a function up or down and using fzero...
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