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Study Guide - • Review correct and/or complete all class...

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Study Guide for Exam 3 ENGR 19500 – Spring 2010 How to Study for Exam 3 Effective studying for ENGR 19500(II) exams involves some review and then practice and more practice. This is a closed book, no calculator exam. The exam is a mix of short answer, multiple choice, and open-ended problems. Here's a prioritized list of things you can do: Review the learning objectives posted on Blackboard. Make sure that you have reviewed all of the items on this list. Look over the formula sheet . This is the exact sheet that you will be given during the exam. You should know how to use everything on the formula sheet. Review all assigned Class Notes and MATLAB Textbook readings.
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Unformatted text preview: • Review, correct, and/or complete all class activities completed this semester. • Review, correct, and/or complete all Homework assignments from this semester. • Do additional problems but do not spend an excessive amount of time practicing things you know how to do. A selection of Function Discovery and Numerical Analysis problems are posted with the Exam review materials. We will not provide answers beyond those for the selected practice problems found at the back of your textbook. Take a look at old exam problems so that you get a feel for the types of problems you can expect. These are posted on Blackboard....
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