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25 Game Ideas 1. Different types of pieces for different types of people you have to work with 2. trivia 3. survey type of game 4. A game like “Life” 5. A game like “Mastermind” 6. Jeopardy 7. Pick a major and play out its role 8. Candy Land style board 9. Ludo 10. Obstacle course 11. Cranium-Kadoo (majors by color, which major do you get the most pts. for) 12. Teamwork game 13. Outdoor games 14. “I want to do ______ engineering”, “No, you shouldn’t because ________”
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Competition between the different disciplines 16. Crossword puzzle 17. Trivial pursuit 18. Scene-it 19. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 20. Engineering pictures 21. Start with engineering and eliminate one-by-one 22. Competing between engineering firms 23. Run an engineering project 24. Engineering scrabble 25. “Guess Who?”...
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