HW7 - ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #7 Due: Class 7b To be submitted in Class 7B: Individually: 1. Hard copy printout of your fxy4C_yourlogin.m, fxy4F_yourlogin.m and fxy_yourlogin.xlsx files. (problem 4) 2. Flowcharts (2) for if-end and if-elseif-end structures. (problem 4) 3. Hard copy printout of your linearplot_yourlogin.m and hmwk6_rsquared_yourlogin.m files. (problem 5) 4. Flowchart of validation of x and y input lengths. (problem 5) 5. Hard copy printout of your phases_yourlogin.m file. (problem 6) 6. Flowchart for your function. (problem 6) To be uploaded prior to coming to Class 7B: Individually: 1. fxy4C_yourlogin.m, fxy4F_yourlogin.m, fxy_yourlogin.xlsx (problem 4) 2. linearplot_yourlogin.m, rquared_yourlogin.m (problem 5) 3. phases_yourlogin.m (problem 6) Team: 1. Team submission of MEA 1 Team Final on Webforms You will complete MEA 1. This requires team completion of MEA 1 Team Final. It is critical that you complete all parts of the MEA 1 sequence. Failure to complete any part will lock you out of the rest of the sequence and could result in a grade of 0 on MEA 1. If you have already failed to complete any part of MEA 1, you are now blocked from completing the MEA 1 sequence. As long as one member of your team still has access, you can participate in the team components. 0. Reading Assignment Blackboard: Documentation, Programming, and Course Standards MATLAB Textbook: Chapter 8: pp. 258-274 (particularly 269-274, sections 8.4.1 through 8.4.3). Mathworks Tutorials (Optional but Recommended): Much (but not all) of the content in the above reading is represented visually in the following Interactive MATLAB Tutorial materials available through the MathWorks website, www.mathworks.com/purduefirstyear/matlabtutorial . The recommended segments for this week are: Programming in MATLAB h Flow and Loop Control o Flow Control o Writing Conditional Statements ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010 1. MEA 1 Team Final This evaluation is to be completed by your entire team This problem is part of your MEA 1 grade. You will use the feedback provided by your TA to inform continued development of your team’s solution to MEA 1 completed in Homework 5. You will have access to your TA’s Feedback on the MEA Team Final link on the WebForms page at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/WebformsFor/AvailableFor/engr195ii At this time, Ollie Fiji would like your team to revise your MEA 1 Team Draft 2 procedure and provide documentation on the revisions. The data file ( travel_mode_dataset3.xls referred to in the memo) is available on Blackboard. Internal Memo To: Engineering Team From: Ollie Fiji, Executive Director, E3 Trans Consultants Re: Student Travel Mode Choice The Planners Group now needs your team to finalize your procedure using a slightly larger survey data set from UCF students ( travel_mode_data3.xls ). Again, the travel mode options for each student are walking, driving, or taking the bus/shuttle. Each trip starts when a student leaves the...
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HW7 - ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010...

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