HW 12 - ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010...

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ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #12 Due: Class 12b To be submitted in Class 12b: Individually: 1. Printout of your logplot_exec_yourlogin.m and log_pplots_yourlogin.m files. (problem 6) 2. Printouts of the graphs for data set 1. (problem 6) 3. Hard copy of your hw12problem7_yourlogin.xlsx file. (problem 7) 4. Hand calculations determining the coefficients for the model equation. (problem 7) Team: 1. Team submission of MEA 2 Draft 2, PFYCPs, and MEA Reflection on Webforms To be uploaded prior to coming to Class 12B: 1. logplot_exec_yourlogin.m and log_plots_yourlogin.m files. (problem 6) 2. hw12problem7_yourlogin.xlsx file. (problem 7) You will complete the following part of MEA 2: 1. Team completion of Team Draft 2 with results 2. Team completion of a Peer Feedback on Your Peer Critique (PFYPC) for each Peer Critique your team received 3. Individual completion of the MEA Reflection It is critical that you complete all parts of the MEA 2 sequence. Failure to complete any part will lock you out of the rest of the sequence and could result in a grade of 0 on MEA 2. If you have already failed to complete any part of MEA 2, you are now blocked from completing the MEA 2 sequence. As long as one member of your team still has access, you can participate in the team components. 0. Reading Assignment Blackboard: Documentation, Programming, and Course Standards MATLAB Textbook: Chapter5: pp. 159-164; 596-598 Class Notes: pp. 18-25 1. MEA 2 Draft 2 This evaluation is to be completed by your entire team. This problem is part of your MEA 2 grade. Do NOT start this problem until after Homework 11 has been submitted.
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ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010 Your team will complete your revision of your solution to MEA 2. You will have access to peer feedback on the MEA 2 – MEA Team Draft 2 link on the WebForms page at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/WebformsFor/AvailableFor/engr195ii When you open the MEA 2 – Team Draft 2 link, you should see 3-4 Peer Critiques. Your team is expected to refine your procedure to better meet the needs of the direct user. Please carefully read the latest memo from Kerry Prior. INTEROFFICE MEMO: LIGUORE LABS TO: NANOSURFACE ENGINEERING TEAM FROM: KERRY PRIOR, VICE PRESIDENT OF RESEARCH RE: SURFACE ROUGHNESS I have reviewed your team’s procedure for quantifying the roughness of nanoscale materials using atomic force microscope (AFM) images and associated data. At this time, I would like your team to revise your procedure to better meet the needs of our Materials Research Team – remember that they need a quick and easy-to-use method to quantify the roughness of the diamond coating samples as they are produced. Please use all three AFM images and associated data from gold coatings that we have produced in our
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HW 12 - ENGR 19500 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2010...

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