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Description of Traffic Intersection The intersection that is being observed is the intersection of University Street and Third Street. Located on the southeastern corner of the intersection is Hass Felix Hall. On the Northeastern corner is Armory. On the northwestern corner is the Lawson Computer Science Building. On the southwestern corner is the University parking garage. Third Street ends at Elliot Hall of Music east of the University and Third intersection. University Street is one way with two lanes headed North through the intersection and a right turn lane that goes East to Elliot Hall. On the west side of University just prior the intersection there is an entrance to the University Parking Garage. The far left lane of University’s two northbound lanes can also turn left onto Third. Past the intersection University adds a third lane of parallel parking spaces. Third St. is two lanes, one going east and the other west. In front of Elliot, Third Street has three lanes. The right lane is for entrance to Elliot. The other two are exiting lanes. The far left lane is left turn only onto University. The middle lane is straight only onto Third westbound. All crossings are marked and have sidewalks on either side. There are three pairs of lights. There is no light above the south crossing because all traffic on University is northbound. On all corners of the intersection there are two crossing lights facing the two crossings. On Third Street just past the west crossing there is a bus stop in front of the Lawson Computer Science Building. Problem Statement rd St.) is that there are a large amount of hold-ups due to pedestrian behavior. This, in turn, is causing safety hazards for the pedestrians. Although there are problems with pedestrians, vehicles, such as bikes and cars, also seem to be having trouble following traffic laws and restrictions
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compiled2 - Description of Traffic Intersection The...

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