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intersection executive summary

intersection executive summary - Executive Summary The...

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Unformatted text preview: Executive Summary: The purpose of this project is to observe a currently unsafe intersection, University and 3 rd Street, and provide a solution to improve it. The solution we provide must make the intersection safer for pedestrians, bikers, and motor vehicles. It must also increase the overall organization and efficiency of the current intersection. Also, because jay-walking is a major problem at this intersection, we believe that stopping this dangerous act is also a requirement for our solution to meet. Another problem that was observed at the intersection was bikers who were not obeying traffic regulations. The solution needs to make the altogether functionality of the intersection improve, while still following the current traffic laws and regulations. The solution we provide must last at least four years. The solution we came up with meets all of these criteria and constraints. We designed a solution that uses a large overpass to cover the intersection. It will be a dome-shaped overpass that will allow pedestrians to walk over it in any direction they please, while cars can drive under it in the usual...
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