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Name _Manshi Naik__________________________________ Section _225 Team #18__________ ENGR 19500: LESSONS LEARNED, Fall 2009 This assignment is an opportunity for you to reflect on your experience in this course. We want you to interview yourself about your experience in this course, and are providing you with a list of questions, an “interview protocol”, on p. 2 of this document. Ask yourself each question below, think quietly for a few moments for a way to answer the question honestly and with care for yourself, and then record your responses in the box provided. The box size will (of course) increase to accommodate for the length of your answer. Please try to include good detail in each response. You have learned about peer review in this course. This is a good opportunity to have one of your team members review your document and be sure it is complete before you submit it. (But remember that you are to submit your own work! So do not be tempted to “steal” someone else’s ideas while reviewing their work!) You are asked to answer five questions in each of the three following sections. These sections ask you to reflect on what you learned about engineering, working in teams, and about yourself as a learner during the course. We are asking you to think about how you have changed over the semester by telling us about your ideas at the beginning of the class (question 1 in each section), your ideas now (question 2 in each section), and what course activity or concept in the class helped you make that change (question 3 in each section.) We are also asking you to think about how your new knowledge (about engineering, teams, and yourself as learner) will change your behavior in the future. Specifically, we ask you what you will (question 4) or will not (question 5) do differently now that you have new knowledge about engineering, teams, or yourself as a learner. This assignment is due by the end of class 13b. If you submit a thoughtful document by the due date, you will receive a minimum of a 70%. The remaining 30% will be awarded based on the kinds of responses you provide to the self-interview questions. You will receive from 0-2 pts for each response you provide. The points will be allocated in the following way: 2pts/ response: for a thoughtful, clear, response which relates to a concept or activity actually done in this class. 1 pt / response: for a response that is unclear, overly brief, or does not relate to course concepts. [If ALL responses to ALL sections fall into this category, the instructor has the right to award a ZERO overall score to the paper.]* 0 pts: if a response is not provided. Reflections not turned in on time, or not thoughtfully written*, will receive a
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Lessons_Learned_Journal_Section225_ManshiNaik - Name...

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