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Executive Summary

Executive Summary - Executive Summary The purpose of this...

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Executive Summary The purpose of this project is to create a motivating and enjoyable game for seventh graders in order to encourage them towards the fields of mathematics and science. The game must cover two or more standards given by the Indiana State Academic Standards, and at least one of the chosen standards must connect to mathematics or science. The chosen standards must be of the seventh grade level. The team was asked to produce two different concepts that include the standards of the team’s choice. The concepts must utilize the graphical user interface (GUI) tool in MATLAB. The interface must allow the user to choose the concept that interests him/her. The target audience of the solution we will present is the seventh grade students and teachers of Indiana. They are the primary users of the game we make. There are numerous stakeholders for this project. One of the major ones is the US as a nation. In today’s economic atmosphere, there are large opportunities for people in the fields of math, science, engineering, and technology.
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