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Evaluation of Design Your Career Poster ENGR 19500 – Fall 2009 Team # Poster Being Evaluated : type here Section #: type here Team Member Names : type here Date: type here PEER REVIEW Peer Review from Team # type here Team Member Names : type here Team Member Email Addresses: type here Category Description 0 = missing 1 = marginal 2 = acceptable 3 = exceptional Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Questions / Suggestions POSTER CONTENT Indicate 0, 1, 2, or 3 in each box below Enter written feedback in each box below 1. Proble m Formulation Presents a clear statement of the problem in terms of the clients’ needs 2. Generat ing & Organizing Tasks Shows that the team can plan to pursue a solution to such a problem Remaining challenges are summarized 4. Idea Generation Shows that rich idea generation strategies were used to select top three alternative solutions Evident that three alternative solutions were generated 6. Translat ing Customer Needs into Engineering Decisions Evident that team used a systematic
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dyc_peer_feedback_form_reviewer1 - Evaluation of Design...

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