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Evaluation of Design Your Career Poster ENGR 19500 – Fall 2009 Team # Poster Being Evaluated : 18 Section #: 225 Team Member Names : Serena, Manshi, Mathew, Christina Date: October 8, 2009 PEER REVIEW Peer Review from Team # 17 Team Member Names : Brian Lee, Dhruv Garg, Josiah Thomas, Alex Weaver Team Member Email Addresses: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] Category Description 0 = missing 1 = marginal 2 = acceptable 3 = exceptional Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Questions / Suggestions POSTER CONTENT Indicate 0, 1, 2, or 3 in each box below Enter written feedback in each box below 1. Proble m Formulation Presents a clear statement of the problem in terms of the clients’ needs 3 Clear statement 2. Generat ing & Organizing Tasks Shows that the team can plan to pursue a solution to such a problem 3 Plan and process clear Remaining challenges are summarized 3 4. Idea Generation Shows that rich idea generation strategies were used to select top three alternative solutions 3 Good with prior art and QFD (although QFD format is not exactly like what was presented in class)
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