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Gary White Abstract Hydrometer Analysis Particle Size Distribution in Soils and Density Stokes Law presents an important relationship that affects both the density and distribution of soil when it is immersed in a liquid. Stokes’ Law specifically shows that if the particle is larger, then it will settle more rapidly than when compared to particles, which are smaller, which will settle slowly. In addition, Stoke’s Law is used to calculate the maximum particle diameter. The pipette method of analysis illustrates the fluctuation of density over time. When the water and soil are mixed the density of the mixture
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Unformatted text preview: determines how high or low the hydrometer will float in the mixture. If the mixture is dense, then the hydrometer will float higher in the mixture and the same follows conversely. The Pipette method also draws a relationship between particle size distribution and the classification of the soil. Subtracting the amount of clay expressed in percentage from the remainder of silt and clay when sand is removed derives the amount of silt after complete settling. http://www.geology.iupui.edu/research/SoilsLab/procedures/psd/...
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