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1 Department Policies for Math 13xx Your course syllabus and any policies specific to your course are on your teacher’s web site. Announcements will be made at the beginning of lecture, on your teacher’s website, via email, and on the CourseWare site. Your teacher reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus/policies of the course and to announce such information as needed. You are responsible for knowing the content of any announcements concerning changes. Calculators are not permitted, except in Math 1313 or Math 1314. For these courses, see your teacher’s website for information about what type of calculator will be allowed. The CourseWare site is located at www.casa.uh.edu . This site will be used for test reservations, testing, discussion board help, your gradebook, and other course information. You are responsible for setting up your account online at the CourseWare site. Cell phones must be turned off before class begins. Cell phones may not be taken to the testing carrels in CASA Testing Center. Text-messaging during class is not permitted. Cheating will not be tolerated. See page 8 of the Student Handbook for details. The Course Policies Quiz will be available at the beginning of the semester and will remain open throughout the semester. You must take this quiz and score 100 on it BEFORE you will be allowed to use CourseWare for your online assignments, including quizzes, practice tests, and any online tests. Math 1310 and Math 1314 students : This means you have to score 100 on this quiz BEFORE you can take Test 1. Daily Poppers will be taken each class day starting the 3 rd week of classes. Multiple choice questions will be asked throughout the lecture. You will record your answers on the Popper bubbling form and turn the form in at the end of each lecture. It is your responsibility to bubble in the information at the top carefully and completely; incomplete, improperly bubbled or illegible forms will not be graded. Popper grades will be posted to your gradebook periodically. You may buy a semester-pack of Bubbling forms at the Copy Center in the Welcome Center. Daily popper Bubbling forms WILL NOT be returned to students and will be shredded after scoring. You must use the special Bubbling form and you MUST bubble in the information at the top properly! You should keep a record of your popper answers separate from the Bubbling form. Your teacher will post daily popper solutions at regular intervals so you can check how you’re doing. Your four lowest popper scores will be dropped before calculating your popper average for the semester to allow for absences of any sort. Dropping the course: You are responsible for making arrangements to drop the course if you wish to. If you wish to drop the course, complete and return the paperwork before the deadline to drop. Note that your paperwork must be turned in before the deadline; it is NOT sufficient to have your teacher sign the form before the deadline; the signed form must be turned in before the
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13xxPolicies - Department Policies for Math 13xx Your...

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