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In-classnotes---April30,2007 - EXAM REVIEW Where is the...

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April 30, 2007 EXAM REVIEW Where is the rust belt? o An area in parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. Ohio, Illinois, Chicago, Michigan. Why is it called the rust belt? o Unused industrial area. Independents – what party are they affiliated with? o They have no party affiliation. o They are the fastest growing group of voters. o The fastest growing party is the Republican Party. Running for a congressional seat. o Not cheap. o Easy to raise funds. In off-year elections – the party that does not control the White House tends to win congressional seats. Pack journalism – pack of journalists who report off the same general source with the same news. o Wikipedia definition - Pack journalism occurs because the reporters often rely on one another for news tips or are all similarly dependent on a single source for access (which is often the very person they are covering). Necessary for a candidate to win an election.
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