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Math 3379 – Homework 1 Chapter 1 1.6 Problem 02 05 points Problem 04 06 points Chapter 2 2.4 Problem 10 08 points Problem 12 12 points 2.5 Problem 04 08 points Problem 05 08 points Problem 08 06 points Problem 10 08 points 2.6 Problem 01 10 points Problem 02 10 points Problem 03 10 points Total 91 points The grader has instructions to give a zero to any work that is not easily read. Pay close attention to legibility. Don’t skimp on paper and don’t turn in any pages torn from a spiral notebook unless you trim the greebles off (a greeble is a shred of paper shaped rather like a comma that is made when a page is ripped out of a spiral notebook; greebles
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Unformatted text preview: keep papers from stacking nicely). Put my last name on the front of your work HOLLYER and slip it into the homework turn in box on the receptionists desk. Please dont interrupt her and ask her to take it personally, just slide it into the box. Weve had some staffing cuts and shes got some accounting duties now that require concentration. Shes very good about emptying the box when she gets to a stopping point; shell get it into my mailbox just fine if its labeled....
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