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Matt Wharton 1 POS 230 “Man of the Year” How plausible is the premise regarding the computer program? Why or why not? A computer voting system like the Delacroy program is somewhat plausible . In our fast-paced and increasingly technologically advanced society, ease, speed, accuracy, and shorter lines are a huge desire . Also, such a system would help cut down on confusion and may encourage younger, more tech-savvy citizens to vote . There is however a red-flag whenever new important technology comes out . Even though online banking and bill paying is much faster and easier, a lot of people simply don’t trust the Internet and refuse to use it for such important services . This is a fear that came to life in the movie, “ Man of the Year ”, and the computer glitch elected a man who really wasn’t supposed to be President . The CEOs’ conflicting interest regarding stocks and reputation also played a huge part in the outcome . They were presented with the information about the problem, and refused to fix it because they didn’t want their stock prices to fall . One of the CEOs went on to say that to the American people, “perception of legitimacy is more important than legitimacy itself” . Having a voting system that is done via the Internet or using a computer is dangerous, and may not happen for several years because there is no paper trail, and such a system would be susceptible to voter fraud . How likely is it for an Independent candidate to win a presidential election in the US?
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M_Wharton_Extra_Credit - Matt Wharton 1 POS 230"Man of the...

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