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Marketing 1/11/12 *First case study due January 30 th . - give a good summary, size it up. (SWOT Analysis) - you can use exhibits if you want. - Strategy you want to put into place, and then how you will do that. - No need to do extensive research beyond the case. - Handout…Guidelines for Marketing Cases on the L Drive SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses (internal), opportunities (external), threats. Basics - Marketing orientation is very different from production orientation - Marketing: takes into account consumer satisfaction o Takes into account different desires and preferences, allows for greater variation o Production view only wants one product to produce. - Firms Must: o Analyze needs o Predict wants o Estimate demand o Predict when o Determine where o Estimate price o Decide promotion
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Unformatted text preview: o Estimate competition o Provide service-Marketing makes sure THE RIGHT goods and services are produced-Production just makes the goods and provides the service.-In tandem, both aim to create customer satisfaction.-Micro view o Set of activities o Performed by individual organizations-Macro view o Social process o Matches supply and demand-Central Markets arise.-Ethics o Sometimes, market needs don’t match up with Firm needs and profits, and all needs and desires aren’t met. o Examples: orphan drugs (drugs that could help people but aren’t put out because they wouldn’t be profitable), or bottled water (people like the conveniences with it, but it takes tons of resources to make plastic bottles)....
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