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1/18/2012 Marketing Marketing Strategy Planning - Finding attractive opportunities that fit the 3 C’s (company, customer, and competition (threats)) and developing profitable marketing strategies. Without a budget, it is not a plan. - Marketing Strategy: specifying a target market and a related marketing mix of products, price, place, promotion. - Target Market: a fairly homogenous group of consumers to whom a company wishes to appeal. - Marketing Mix: the controllable variables (4 p’s), the company puts together to satisfy this target group. - Production oriented manager sees everyone as basically similar and practices: “mass
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Unformatted text preview: marketing”-Marketing oriented manager sees everyone in clusters “target marketing”-Target market + marketing mix = marketing plan o Check powerpoint for larger visual Growth Opportunities-Present products in present markets need market penetration o Advertising o Promotion o Distribution strategies (adding new stores?)-Present products in new markets need market development-New products in present markets need product development-New products in new markets need diversification-...
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