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class 3 - -Political/legal environment o Antimonopoly laws...

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Marketing 1/23/2012 External Marketing Enironment - Three C’s o Company resources may limit search for opportunities Financial strength Producing capability and flexibility Marketing strengths - Competitive environment o Monopoly, perfect competition, etc. o Competitor analysis Marketers need information about competitors o Competitive advantages o Competitive rivals o Competitive barriers - Economic environment o Global economy o Rapid changes o Interest rates - Technological
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Unformatted text preview: -Political/legal environment o Antimonopoly laws o Consumer protection agencies-Cultural/Social environment o Examples from today Going green “good for you” products Social media’s influence Organic/local markets Urbanizing markets-Population trends o Urbanizing markets o Growth of population o “graying” of America o Greater number of minorities. Screening Criteria-Qualitative-quantitative...
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