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Marketing 2/20/2012 MARKETING RESEARCH Five Major Steps in MR Process 1) Good definition of problem 2) Analyze the situation 3) Getting problem-specific data 4) Interpret the data 5) Solve the problem Primary Data - Qualitative: observation, interviews, focus groups - Quantitative: surveys, field/lab experiments, panels o Structured responses o Summarized in numbers o Faster response and analysis o Mail/phone/personal/online surveys - Survey guidelines o Appropriate sample size and population definition o s\questions clear and unbiased o purpose and design have to be appropriate and done by experts o proper data analysis addressing reliability and validity with research other shit. Secondary - Inside company: company files, intranet, reports, cost data, sales, people, marketing info
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Unformatted text preview: systems-Outside data: internet, libraries, governments, trade associations, universities, private organizations of research Focus Group, uses:-Generating hypotheses-Structuring questionnaires-Developing new product concepts-Pretesting new products-Idea generation-Interpreting quantitative results-When managers do not know what to do Focus Groups specs-8 to 12 participants-Hour-90 mins-Participants are in the target market or potential market-Structure the group by age, gender, friends-Payment as incentive usually-Quantitative OR qualitative research in a group...
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