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products and brands

products and brands - different products in comparison with...

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Marketing – What is a Product? Branding (CHAPTER 8+9) 2/22/12 Product Decisions (of the 4 p’s) Elements of product planning - Product idea - Brand - Package - Warranty - Product classes Products themselves - Not just physical goods/can be services - Can be a blend of physical and service (restaurants) Goods - Tangible - Produced then sold - Can store and transport - Prodced separate from consumer Services - Intangible - Sold then produced and/or consumed same time - Perishable - Often produced in consumer’s presence. Brands: meant to
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Unformatted text preview: different products in comparison with substitutes and competitors.-Brand name-Trademark-Service mark Effects of Brand Name-Changes perceived quality and satisfaction Good brand name-Short and simple-Easy to spell/read-Easy to recognize and remember-Easy to pronounce-Pronounce in one way-Pronounce in all languages-Suggests product benefits-Meets packaging/labeling needs-No undesirable imagery-Always timely (fresh and new)-Adapts to all advertising mediums-Legal to use...
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