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GEOG 259 September 15, 2011 Summarize Carney in the upcoming paper, (no more than 300), provide a thesis and what the paper makes you think about. You can use outside arguments, cite those sources. The Amazon General - Tons of different ecological regions associated with the Amazon Basin - Highlands, rainforests, lowlands, dry forest - It’s always had a “wild” connotation, and vast expanses of wilf forest and stuff. Cannibals, warlike tribes, savagery. - Rich soils In Amazonia (reading, Raffles) - Talks of human agency and how people are reshaping the landscape (the rivers aren’t technically natural, as sedimentation by humans can alter them) - Rivers - It is “incomplete as much as whole” - The Amazon is also changing and not static.
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Unformatted text preview: Environmental Determinism: the characteristics of where a group of people live shape their cultural practices and societal organization. Belo Monte: A hydraulic project that wants to dam several rivers in the Amazon to generate power and electricity in Brazil. The Kayapo: one of the groups of Amazonians who live near a river. Xingu River. 4-7000 population. 10.5 million hectares for them. Rainforest and Savanna. 1980s controversy: gold mining. Current controversy: hydroelectric dams. Yanomami: Indian people in Amazon. State: Roraima, population: 11700 in brazil and 15193 in Venezuela. Their controversy: resistance to illegal gold miners...
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