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Colombia General - many people become displaced person as a result of rival, armed conflicts between random armies and shit. - The FARC - The Colombian Army, fights against guerillas, allied with the paramilitaries who are right-wing private armies, allied with army. - Hard to distinguish military soldiers from paramilitaries…son los mismos Countryside - About 15% of population - Is rich in potential and resources - Whoever controls it has much power. Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado - Founded 1997
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Unformatted text preview: -Communal work groups-Agricultural-No associations with armed units or drugs. Aid and help-US aids Colombian military, which isn’t effective or necessarily right-International accompaniment: physical presence, political advocacy by outside parties like Americans-Stays with peace communities, and maintains discussions with armed units and government.-Accompaniment permits peasants to stay on lands – gives peasants a sense of determination and group efforts....
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