Economic Imperialism and Nationalism

Economic Imperialism and Nationalism - Economic Imperialism...

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Unformatted text preview: Economic Imperialism and Nationalism 10/18/2011 Post 1930s framing of the lack of progress The meaning of progress- Economic integration as the path towards improvement- 1929 market crash, depression- Is laissez-faire the right model?? Is free trade really working? Core Periphery Model- Nations classified according to levels of industry, technology, and consumption- Core as destiny, periphery as margins Dependency- Unequal trade relationships, the type of commodities exported matters Path to Improvement- Promote internal industry, state as leader of growth- Limiting foreign investments within your country, do it yourself attitude. STATE-LED DEVELOPMENT- Import substitution industrialization (ISI) From economic (in)dependence to free markets again!?! Neoliberalism continued Raul Prebisch- Argentina, economist really into free trade and modernization.- When the stock market crashed in 1929, it questioned all his shit.- 1948 Director of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Proposal: a theory of economic change for Latin America. Think of Latin America regionally instead of country by country.- Trade, pointing out core-periphery relationship and its weaknesses- Society, Latin American societies that are structured to see better things abroad rather than positives at home.- Government, how to make a hybrid of strong government that allows market freedom How to break away? Economic Imperialism to economic nationalism- Create new centers by breaking away from old center- inward development - crecer hacia adentro o Protectionism o Protect and encourage internal industry o Import substitution industrialization (ISI) o Change patterns of production demand and consumption o State in charge- Protectionism wasnt good in the long run as it limited competition from abroad and produced expensive, shitty products.produced expensive, shitty products....
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Economic Imperialism and Nationalism - Economic Imperialism...

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