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Exam (short essay, two essay questions, anything on the sheet is fair game…get a bluebook) Hugh Raffles wrote the Amazonia piece on the rivers and transforming landscapes, was an introduction to his book. 1) Region: contained area defined by the traditions/histories /cultures of the people of that region, but also defined by biases of outsiders or “history writers/map makers” Narratives: overview/history of a people or region, as opposed to William Denevan who talked about pristine stuff and how it was fake. Story of the region/people. Told by or about the people of the region, Globalization: helped found Latin America, determined relationship between western Europe and Latin America. People get marginalized and used for their resources. Power Geometries: Various reasons for European countries to colonize and become involved with Latin American affairs. Religion…Europe…Latin America/Caribbean…colonies. New individual ranking/hierarchal systems were also introduced to legitimized colonization. Castas
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