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GEOG final review Neocolonialism: - Countries start getting independence, but Europeans are still head of the hierarchy - Creoles were trying to recreate Europe - Defined progress as economic growth and connectedness with the world. o Industrialization, urban landscapes, general improvement in living conditions - Modernization o Progress in technology, infrastructure - Prime export region of crops and minerals like silver. - Banana economy is a good example of neocolonialism State-led development - Increase self-sufficiency - Industry-focused - No importing - Chile, Argentina, Brazil - Borrowed a bunch of money, couldn’t pay it back - ISI – import, substitution, industrialization - Military regimes came into power, - Inflation, unemployment Neoliberalism - Market freedom - Raul Prebisch – Argentina - Chicago boys go to Chile - Bolivia - Wealth gap increases - Free trade, import tariffs swept away - Shock Therapy: stop hyperinflation then rebuild economy slashing spending, price controls, and tariffs. -
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