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BUSI 617 Ch 4 - Chapter 4 Social and Cultural Environments...

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Chapter 4: Social and Cultural Environments Marketers must study and understand the country cultures in which they will be doing business. They must incorporate this understanding into the marketing planning process. Attitude – learned tendency to respond in a consistent way to a given object or entity. Clusters of interrelated beliefs Belief – organized pattern of knowledge that an individual holds to be true about the world Value – an enduring belief or feeling that a specific mode of conduct is personally or socially preferable to another mode of conduct. Deepest level of culture. Subcultures – exist within cultures Factors Affecting Products Religion – Consider this factor when selling certain products – no beef in India (majority Hindus) Aesthetics – Overall sense of what is beautiful and what isn’t. Tastes vary across cultures. (Colors, shapes, labels, packaging, music, different appeals) Dietary Preferences - must be sensitive to cultures (India a good example, local companies have the advantage) Language and Communication – Spoken and unspoken communication. Unspoken includes gestures, touching, and other forms of body language o Today there are more people who speak English as a foreign language than there are people whose native language is English. o Nearly 85% of teenagers in the EU are studying English o Some foreign companies have an English-language requirement before they can be promoted. Low-context Culture Messages are explicit and specific; words carry most of the communication power Ex. U.S., Switzerland, Germany – deals are made with much less info about the character, background, and values of the participants. More emphasis on the words and numbers U.S. is a low-context culture with subcultures that operate in high-context mode o Central banker’s word is sufficient for him to borrow large amounts
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BUSI 617 Ch 4 - Chapter 4 Social and Cultural Environments...

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