Comp 380 A History of the Internet

Comp 380 A History of the Internet - A History of the...

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A History of the Internet pre-1957, computers could only work on a single task o Batch Processing : executing a series of jobs on a computer without manuel intervention Affter 1957, time sharing , or concurrent use of one computer by multiple users, became possible. Concept that shares processing of one computer with multiple users from remote locations. In response to the launch of Sputnik, ARPAnet was created by DARPA research agency ARPAnet : small network of networks between computers for file transfers, communication, etc. o ARPAnet was the elite network at the time used for government and academic purposes only o 1st packet switching network o Packet Switching : breaking down of a file to smaller individual pieces in order to send through network. Smaller individual pieces are sent to reciever which puts them all back together after receiving them. o a way to connect between networks become an issue o a system was needed for a univeral connection between networks even if a node or line of connection was broke o the threat of nuclear attacks created the need for a communication network that would not be damaged (i.e. radio signals becoming useless after atomic attack) CYCLADES o a small network created in France that relied on communication with other networks like ARPAnet o the term Inter-net was born from this creation Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) o standardized codes that regulate how info is sent between networks o using the same protocol, everyone was able to log onto same network (i.e. Internet) Internet Protocol (IP) o an address assigned to each computer that uses the internet o invented by Vint Cerf, a father of the internet The combination of TCP/IP, resulted in the Internet that we know today USENET o a virtual bulletin board used by tech geeks o a discussion system to post and read messages o the use of "netiquette" and "emoticons" was started In 1991, the use of the internet for commercial purposes was allowed and grew with rapid interest
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o the use of Gophers and Portals such as WebCrawlers and Yahoo! allowed users to find info based on interest and searches World Wide Web (WWW) o Tim Berners-Lee created the WWW, a software package to help navigate the internet o standardization of web addresses with http:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) improved navigation and made hyperlinks the mode of internet browsing Today, we are seeing an increase in data and info being stored in in the "cloud", or a location independent storage system (i.e. Google Docs, Gmail, etc) Code is Law - Lawrence Lessig (Reading) The law of cyberspace is code o Makes the Internet difficult to regulate because it is hard to identify who people are Good because this helps protect the First Amendment - people are free to say whatever they wish on the Internet
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Comp 380 A History of the Internet - A History of the...

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