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Comp 380 Feb 9 - February 9 2011 REVIEW The online self and...

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February 9, 2011 REVIEW: The online self and construction of online persona Occurs on an individual level and as a community MUD: simple text-based virtual environment, one moves through environment via avatar (Turkle) Effects of selfhood on having a variety of identifications (presentation of self varies depending on the specific network) Self/Selves (Turkle) Ways that we perform selfhood- self as not just being innate, but is subconscious and consciously decided upon as we perform Modernist computational aesthetic : thinking of a computer as a giant calculator o Thinking of the 1 st generation of computers o Good for big but discrete tasks: encrypting/decrypting data, for massive complex calculations (humans capable of but really slow at) o Phase A of computing o The Enlightenment, “modern” subject ~Enlightenment= a literary movement of thinking o Thinking of the first generation of computers before the internet and ubiquity of home computers o Computers frequently used for encoding and decoding (during war time) and computing ~This concept moved into the Postmodern Simulation Culture Postmodern simulation culture o Phase B of computing o An expectation of computers having a level of intelligence o You can shape your own identity online Users become the actor, producer, writer of their own life on the computer o Also a tool for communication and simulation/enjoyment- simulation of not only self, but of experience o
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Comp 380 Feb 9 - February 9 2011 REVIEW The online self and...

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