Comp 380 Feb 23

Comp 380 Feb 23 - Feb 23, 2011 We Live in Public (Day 2)...

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Feb 23, 2011 We Live in Public (Day 2) 2nd Half of Film **Started film at 59:00** Fame + Alienation People are willing to do stupid, horrible things for fame and Josh is a prime example of this We see that living in public is starting to eat at Josh and Tanya’s relationship o “Living in public as created a feeling of alienation.” – Tanya o Josh and Tanya get in a physical fight. “When you’re arguing in public, it’s about egos, it’s about winning.” – Tanya o The moment the fight ends, they rush to terminals to see everyone’s viewpoints about the fight. Not just that the cameras were on them, but they also had other people “entering into their mindshare” o April 14, 2000 - Stock Market bad day blamed on dotcom kids People were throwing money at dotcom ideas whether they were viable ideas or not, but you can only fit so much through a telephone line Pseudo went under in October 2000 along with 1000 other companies o Josh was still living in public when this happened o “In Quiet, I was in control of rats in my lab, but in We Live in Public, I was the rat.” - Josh o “Big Brother isn’t a person, it’s the collective consciousness that is watching.” o Josh gets mentally ill, leaves NYC September 11 causes a break with reality, new century, new era NYC in late 90s was really vibrant, but this ended in 2001 - gentrification of NY. It’s become a gated island. o The ideas of frivolity, joy, and experimentation went away 2003 Josh is running an apple farm. .. trying to figure out who he is and “start separating all the different media I’d been injecting” o “lonely is a different state of being, one I’m very comfortable with” o He refers to Tanya as a “pseudo girlfriend” Jan 20, 2005 : Josh records video to dying mother. The tape arrives after she died He says his mom wasn’t there in his darkest hour. He left and never saw her again. “I’m an artist. One of the first great artists of the 21st century.” – Josh Josh broke off all contact with all members of his family Is Josh delusional? “You may have to be delusional to be a visionary. Josh was both.” Josh rewrote his history. .. after Pseudo ended he called it an “art project”, after Tanya he called her a fake girlfriend 2005 With the advent of Facebook, everyone is sharing their lives online just like Josh predicted. Josh cashes in apple farm and goes to create “operator11” o Operator11 lets you create your own show o He couldn’t pitch to anyone at myspace or anywhere. He couldn’t get funding because of his past escapades and reputation. 2008
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Josh lives in Ethiopia Expatriated to escape AmEx Coaching basketball to orphans “Ethiopia is to me is pure humanity.” - Josh Today and the Future “The idea of we live in public is going to become more and more real. The way people gage themselves by how many friends they have, how many hits they have.” -Josh “We are slaves to these little digital boxes. That’s what Josh was saying. He was right.”
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Comp 380 Feb 23 - Feb 23, 2011 We Live in Public (Day 2)...

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