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notes april 21

notes april 21 - 4/21 Notes Rational Cognitive Behavioral...

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4/21 Notes Rational Cognitive Behavioral Therapy REBT versus CBT Influence of Aaron Beck (Univ of Penn) o Psychiatrist (psychologist daughter of Judith Beck) Began studying cognitions in Depression Schemas o Frederic Bartlett in the 1930s o Close to Karen Horney's "neurotic expectations" Beck's Typical cognitive Distortions (examples) Arbitrary influence (boss wants to fire me) Selective abstraction (my whole painting) Overgeneralization (I forget everything) Magnification (I am complete failure) Personification (The world revolves around me) Absolutic (world ends if UNC doesn't win) Albert Ellis (1913-2007) Began with studies of human sexuality o Sex Without Guilt in 1958- book Ph.D. from Columbia Teachers College in mid-1940s (just like Carl Rogers) Training in psychoanalysis at Karen Horney Institute (important impact) Very Iconoclastic and high on Openness) Ellis Irrational Beliefs Model (ABC) A- Event B- Automatic thoughts- C- Emotion
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