GEOG Study Guide Test 1

GEOG Study Guide Test 1 - GEOG 232 Study Guide Part I...

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Unformatted text preview: GEOG 232 Study Guide Part I: Issues and Approaches Marion Nestle: Big Food, big Agriculture- Food Production Complex o Involves producers, corporations, retailers Public, Government, Universities, Business o Global collective of diverse businesses that together supply much of the food energy consumed by the world population . Only subsistence farmers , those who survive on what they grow, can be considered outside of the scope of the modern food industry . o It does not get the right exposure at universities that it deserves. o The experience and knowledge are not available o Brown: The New Geopolitics of Food- In what ways is his piece alarming” o Stats are alarming, however he makes alarmist points Neo-Malthusian- Thomas Malthus o Said food supply grew linearly , while population grows exponentially Exponential population growth leads to resource scarcity leads to conflict o It is surprising how many points he makes that would seem to be common sense, but are not o Many people in this country need to eat, and as prices continue to rise they don’t eat enough, which is alarming Godfrey et al: Food Security- Why is sustainability an important but elusive goal? o Don’t over-harvest o Resource sustainability- environmental o Social sustainability- social Scale: • Globe: increasing connection; integration • Site specificity • Metrics: money and energy o There is too much hunger in this world, and there would certainly be less if people thought about sustainability while eating, buying, and producing food. This is definitely an important goal, but problems of hunger are hard to eliminate- Sources: World Bank o United Nations 1. World Food Program 2. Food and Agricultural Organizations (FAO) a. Faostat, FAO org. o Inter-governable Panel of Climate Change (IGPCC) o International Food Policy Research Institution (IFPRI) o Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Family of research organizations • Forestry • Rice • Livestock • Agri-forestry Williams- The Country and the City (Chapters 1, 2, 7, 10)- Laid the work of Cultural studies- Underlying social realities- arts, language, and literature can shape our ideas of culture and social reality 1. Mystification : Ideas that myths distort our understanding of a social world 2. Restores culture to a legitimate place in social scientific inquiry a. Social reality and representation 3. Meanings and Feelings a. *Country : Evokes the idea of an ideal nature; backwardness b. Said Britain went through symptomatic changes b.i. Because of this they became powerful enough for other countries to follow their lead *Central Concern: Industrial Revolution & Agrarian Capitalism Country- City Rural Suburb Urban- Felt a sense of repetition Escalator o Gets off and looks at the pattern Something was lost- Nostalgia- mourning the loss of something o Country Past (time/temporal); Outside of us (spatial) *Myth: The country is past (time) and outside (space)...
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GEOG Study Guide Test 1 - GEOG 232 Study Guide Part I...

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