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November 3rd Notes

November 3rd Notes - 11/3 Kloppenburg Continued 1...

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11/3 Kloppenburg Continued 1. Biotechnology must include plant breeding o Crop improvement is as old as agriculture itself 2. Historical study of Conditions and Relations of Technological Change: Marxist Analysis o 3 lines of Historical development Primitive Accumulation : the separation of farmers from the seeds Commodification Barriers to commodification Technical- Institutional- Solutions to overcoming a barrier o Property rights, patents o Division of Labor in seed technology & knowledge production Public Institutions “Basic Science” Private Sector “Applied Science” o Trade and Germplasm Transfer in the World Economy 3. Society Creates technology which in turn transforms that same society o Process Dynamic- also applies to nature/society Dialectic-mutual conditioning of one on the other(A changes B which changes C) Interdependence: Dependence in global north 4. Unintended effects o Risks: Gene Diversity Genetic Erosion
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