November 8 Notes

November 8 Notes - 11/8 Readings Green Revolution Shiva&...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/8 Readings: Green Revolution- Shiva & What are improved seeds?- Yapa Discussion Questions: 1. Where is the Punjab?- India 2. What is Norman Burlaug's theoretical perspective regarding the problem of population and food supply? What was his proposed solution? 3. According to Vandana Shiva, who benefited from the Green Revolution and who bore its costs? What does she think about a “second” Green Revolution? 4. Laksman Yapa argues that the Green Revolution affected knowledge production in profound and misleading ways. How does his argument turn what we think we know upside down? 1. Must understand 1 st Green Revolution in order to assess calls for a 2 nd 2. 1 st Green Revolution influenced factors of production in intended and unintended ways. a. Land, Capital, Labor b. Knowledge b.i. Expertise b.ii. Development b.iii. Demigration and Local/indigenous knowledge 3. Large scale rural transformation a. Context of Global political economy b. Red vs. Green Revolution- Colonialism Nation State (1940-50s) Globalization (1970s)- In the Cold War Error, how did capitalist regimes diverge and converge...
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November 8 Notes - 11/8 Readings Green Revolution Shiva&...

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