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November 17th Notes

November 17th Notes - 11/17 GEOG Notes Globalization...

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11/17 GEOG Notes - Globalization Continued - Discussion on analytical utility - Social Movements & Paradigm Shifts Globalization - Functional integration of globally disbursed economic activities - Has a certain governance structure o Trio: WB, IMF (International Monetary Fund), WTO (replaced GAT) - Organization : o Driving goal of Transnational Corporations Increased consolidation among these Increase in market concentration - Structural Adjustment (1970s) o SAP’s (Structural Adjustment Programs) Cause and Effect of Globalization o 1. Privatization of state programs and/or state ownership o 2. Liberalization of trade regimes o 3. Reduction of Government Spending - Mexico o NAFTA (1994) o 1980s 1982- National Food System was dismantled 1986-,; liberalized trades (reduced tariffs); cut agricultural administration; liberalized food crisis; o 2008: 1/3 of Grain came from US o Unintended Consequences of Structural Adjustments: 1. Benefitted urban in spite of rural Weakened the agricultural sector 2.
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