November 29th Notes

November 29th Notes - 11/29 Food &Ritual Ritual vs....

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11/29 Ritual vs. Everyday - Normative Dimension o Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Sacred vs. Profane - Exchange Sharing with guests o Trade vs. Attendance - Production Personal Labor Homemade o Preparation- gender; generation; age - Consumption Eating practices o Social Practice’s; Eating lots; Proper manners; Normal meals vs. the rituals; Hunger & Famine - Similar causes - Food insecurity - Differ by degree o Severity o Consequence - Hunger o Quantity- calories o Quality- nutrition o Periodic (Seasonal) vs. Chronic (not deadly but hurts health) - Famine o Mass death because of extremely inadequate food Community starvation o Severely deficient quantity and quality o Rare o Consequence: Deadly Direct: nutrients Indirect: disease - Causes o Differ by Degree o Inequality within and across societies Wealth Distribution o Hunger Happens from inequality within societies Can happen in wealthy countries o Famine Results more from inequality across societies
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November 29th Notes - 11/29 Food &Ritual Ritual vs....

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