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- Beginning in Europe, the use and production of tobacco took off to become a powerful industry. Whether for an individual’s pleasure or for trade, tobacco use continued to grow. - When moving over towards the United States it became a very powerful industry as tobacco took off as a major cash crop that helped the economy, especially in the south. - It wasn’t until the 1900s when the health hazards associated with tobacco became a growing issue. - However, the use and distribution did not slow down. The power of tobacco continued to grow in the 1900s and still remains a powerful industry today. - Though the production, use, and distribution could not be slowed down, anti-tobacco campaigns began to show the health side effects and dangers of tobacco. Through this, more and more campaigns and advertising began to attempt to slow down the tobacco industry. - Advertising for or against tobacco has helped tobacco gain more and more popularity, whether someone is for or against it.
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