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December 6th Notes - a Status Quo a.i Those who are...

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December 6 th Notes Godfray, Devereux, Pinstrup-Anderson- read; - Long-term - Rural areas- credit, infrastructure; development roads, communication - Small-farmers- vulnerability - Research and technology- GMOs; access (patents) - Education Social Movements - Food Regime Analysis o Rule governed structure of consumption and production on a global scale - Double Movement o McMichael - Uncertainly-means, end - Struggle- contentious politics - Systemic Change- structural Gimenez and Shattuck 1. Cleavages in food organization and what animates contending forces?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Status Quo a.i. Those who are benefitting (neo-liberal & reformist) a.i.1. Ruling corporate classes political elites b. Structural Change b.i. Progressive b.ii. Radicals b.ii.1. Classes o Alliance Building to solve the issues of social movements Review-The First Seed- why the seed was so important; agricultural production; consumer goods o Privatization of corn-Solutions to the food crisis o Policy o Structure Adjustment...
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