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November 10 Notes & discussion questions

November 10 Notes & discussion questions - Are you...

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November 10 Notes What is the enigma of race relations in Brazil? - Brazil is a place where the racial ideology promotes race mixture - Society appears to be racially stratified - Segregation has not been a major issue, but material issues of inequality remain o Many theories do not fit in Brazil, which is why it is an enigma and why it perplexes scholars How has racial classification in Brazil differed from the US? - Brazil hasn’t had the segregation piece that the US had - The US looks at ancestry, and Brazil relies more on color than race
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Unformatted text preview: Are you surprised that the afro-Brazilian community in Brazil feels a closer racial identity to whites in Brazil than blacks in America do to whites in America? Is there racial inequality in Brazil? What is the difference between one-drop rule in US and one-drop rule in Brazil? Does one’s social class, age, or gender affect their racial self-identification?-Class age and gender can affect your own and the self-identifications others give to you...
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