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November 15 Discussion questions

November 15 Discussion questions - Study/Discussion...

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Study/Discussion Questions for Tuesday, November 15th 1. Telles presents three (3) statistical tests that isolate the effects of racial discrimination. He studies (1) social mobility in Sao Paulo, (2) income attainment, and (3) schooling among multiracial siblings. What were his findings? - In Sao Paulo he found that social mobility for whites was a lot higher than non-whites o Statistical Evidence o Also have been greater for white women - Income Attainment : whites made much more; 26% gap between whites and browns, different than the US (much lower gap) o Extreme class inequality: more than in the US Most of the people at the top are white, most at bottom are not white - Brothers and sisters in the same family with mixed races had many instances of whites on the right track and blacks and browns a grade behind what they should be. o 2. Telles argues that racial discrimination in Brazil works through a number of mechanisms including institutions, stereotypes, humor, media, education, labor markets, social networks and patronage, immigration policies, and police abuse.
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