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November 17th notes IE Chapters - -Demand and supply of...

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November 17th Jacobs: The Time Divide - Married women work less than single women, and single men work less than married men o Roles of supporting the family - Professional, managerial, and technical workers feel the most overworked Unintentional Discrimination: Reskin - Unintentionally stereotype because of standard narratives - High status (upper class) are worse about applying stereotypes, focus more on the in- group, stereotypes towards the out-group Charles and Grusky: Egalitarianism and Gender Inequality
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Unformatted text preview: -Demand and supply of genders for certain positions-Less willing to work for lower wages then women-Men have higher valued skills in the workplace England: Devaluation and the Pay of Comparable Male and Female Occupations-Female jobs are paid less-Employers de-value jobs that are held by women-Men in those positions make more than the women in them, but make less than other male jobs...
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