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October 27th Notes - somehow “not really” citizens...

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10/27 Notes - Immigrants o Idea that immigrants take jobs is a claim, not a fact; Most economic studies show that in general immigration is a net benefit to the U.S Claim: say something is happening, about a truth or reality; a position on something not proven no proof o Misconception: immigrant includes those who are here with authorized status; unauthorized immigrants presence is not authorized by the bureaucracy. o Most new immigrants to this country do the jobs that most American born citizens do not want to do, and do not want to do at the wage that immigrants receive Have a higher reservation wage than immigrants - Anchor Baby o When an immigrant crosses the U.S and has their baby so the baby is a citizen of the U.S due to the 14 th Amendment Not a neutral term Singles out American citizens born in this country like everyone else as
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Unformatted text preview: somehow “not really” citizens, “not really” Americans Creates an image amongst these people and where they come from • Just like: junkie, ghetto rat, trailer people, etc. These ways of thinking and talking make up discourse-American Nation o Who makes up this “American Nation”? English Speaking Law Abiding Fair Skinned Hardworking “Legitimate people” Citizens Basically white people with money; “The majority” Symbols: Flag, Uncle Sam, bald eagle, etc o What/Who brings together these symbols? Independence, families, time Nationalism: ideas of a nation and how they change and form over time o Particular moments shape American Nationalism o Rely on defining ourselves in terms of someone else...
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