A Doll House

A Doll House - the one who saved torvald’s life” smart...

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A Doll’s House Act 1 - Nora at the beginning of the play …enters the house she is always flitting about, twirls, moves quickly from one place to another. - Frivolous - Loving - Compliant - Torvald always uses animal images to describe her (squirrel, lark) - Helmer is serious, controlling, judgemental “its so gratifying to know one has a safe secure job with a comfortable salary.” - Mrs linde is overworked, lonely and widowed. “unspeakably empty. Nothing to live for now.” Resourceful…comes to ask for a job from nora’s husband - We learn nora borrowed money to pay for her husbands trip without telling him. “im
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Unformatted text preview: the one who saved torvald’s life” smart woman who borrowed money and has paid it back doing odd jobs such as needlework, crocheting, and embroidery.-Krogstad…confronts nora to ask her help in keeping his job at the bank. Manipulative, desperate. “if I get shoved down a second time, you’re going to keep me company.” “if necessary ill fight for my little job in the bank, as if it were life itself. Check powerpoint… Nanny kind of treats Torvald and Nora like dolls?-...
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