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Contemporary Drama + Clean House

Contemporary Drama + Clean House - Contemporary Drama...

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Contemporary Drama Theater of Cruelty - Removed the comforting distance between audience and actor - Audience involved in direct physical fashion - Total theater emphasized gesture, music, sound, blahhhh Environmental - Richard Schechner’s Dionysus in 69 - Audience was inspired and invited to join in ritual reenactment of Greek religious orgy - Julian Beck, Judith Melina’s Living Theater - Paradise Now (1968) best example of above - Improvised-physical contact-performance pieces Poor Theater - Jerzy Grotowski – this theater was “poor” in contrast to “rich” commercial theater - He used preexisting texts but interpreted them in a broader context, a total reconception of …. Theater if Images - Robert Wilson – multimedia dramas that take hours to perform, historical in nature - Extensive pattern of repetition - Evocative and enigmatic images - Characters blahhh Gay and Lesbian Theater - Long marginalized and excluded from representation in the mainstream playwrights and
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